🔥 Instructions to join FootBallGo IDO
Instructions to join FootBallGo IDO on PolkaGamefi
Surely Polkamoners are very interested in knowing the detailed process to join FootBallGo IDO. Read the instructions below carefully and get ready for our first IDO.
1. Tier Calculations and Purchase Limits for each Tier
NFT Holders
PKM Holders
Buy up to
Tier 1
4 < X < 15
300K < X < 700K
0.5 BNB
Tier 2
15 < X < 25
700K < X < 1.2M
Tier 3
X > 25
X >1.2M
1.5 BNB
* X: is the amount of NFTs or PKM that the holders have
* Minimum purchase for all Tier is 0.1BNB
Note: Tier will be determined from the first Snapshot (before sale 14 days). Later purchased NFTs and PKM will not be counted towards the rating system.
2. Participation Process
- Log in your wallet to PolkaGamefi Launchpad
- After connecting to the wallet, Launchpad will display the opening information
- Click "Buy Now" in the Open Pool to buy.
- After clicking "Buy Now", the system will show a pop-up. You just need to enter the amount of BNB corresponding to the number of FGS you intend to buy and execute the order to buy Token.
- Complete and wait for FGS to enter your account
3. Notes
- All Tier will be available for purchase at the same time
- We are open for sale in the form of FCFS, please join quickly at the beginning to ensure you still have a chance to own FGS
- Purchase limit has been set automatically according to Tier, please remember and enter the allowed amount of purchases
Snapshot has been started, information about Tier will be sent to Polkamoners soon. Follow and update regularly in order not to miss any important announcements!
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