To satisfy your passion for the field and make a lot of money from your football team business, this will be a great opportunity to join FootBallGo!
Welcome to the FootBallMetaverse planet, where you can become the president of a famous football club, own expensive strikers, and show your calculating business minds.
With the new Blockchain technology platform, FootBallGo not only offers a football-themed Play - to - Earn Gamefi, but we also create a completely different version of Metaverse. The virtual world of FootBallMetaverse - Play Together is where you can make your Club, build a stadium, sportswear store, or organize training sessions to improve skills for players, organize betting matches, friendly matches, …or whatever you want.
At FootBallMetaverse, everyone is passionate about football. As a resident of the planet, you can:
  • Own a lot of real estates.
  • Start buying players and training them to compete for rewards.
  • Develop business activities by training or buying, selling, and transferring your players.
  • Upgrade your assets, put your name on the Ranking board to make the whole FootBallMetaverse planet know you
With amazing new features, we also give you more opportunities to earn Bonus Tokens such as:
️⚽️ Sell virtual real estates
️⚽️ Sell players
️⚽️ Win the match
️⚽️ Win the tournaments
️⚽️ Win the bet
Virtual world - Real NFT asset values!
All will be exchanged and traded on FootBall Marketplace and bring players great profits.
Right now, learn how it works on the FootBallMetaverse virtual planet! 👇
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