FootBallMetaverse Land
The lands of the future!
One of the most valuable assets on the FootBallMetaverse planet is real estate with growth potential. 5 different lands possessing 5 separate energy sources, is the birthplace of generations of excellent players.
Which land will you choose to own real estate on? Let's find out carefully before deciding!
The heat from the lava fires is the source of the power of this land. People here live mainly in the southeast, where near the sea and lava does not roll violently. They grow crops on fertile soils fed by lava.
The players here have the blood of intense and sports-loving spirit. The specific geographical situation also helps them to have extremely supple and durable bodies.
The cold, snowy land in the north has extremely harsh weather. This is a land with a sparse population, plants and animals are poor. However, the difficulties here have created extremely tall players, with strong bodies and extraordinary physical strength.
The weather is as harsh as frost land, so the Desert still has a lot of unexplored land. Also, because they often practice on the sand, the players here have the ability to observe sensitively and improvise situations flexibly.
Far from the mainland, the island is always rich in food sources, the climate is great, but there are still few people living. Big storms at sea have also created a generation of resilient, disciplined, and united players.
This is a wonderful land with a mild climate, fertile soil, and extremely convenient transportation. The delta is the center, also the most culturally and economically developed place of this continent. The players here have good development conditions and are trained well from an early age. This has helped them to have a physical foundation and excellent playing technique. Here is the place that has the most legendary generation on earth.
Own real estates – get all the best deals on the planet!
Virtual real estate will give players the best rewards, the more expensive real estate ownership is, the more valuable your character is and the rewards from there are also increased.
  • Increase the rate of rewards in competition: One of the benefits you get as soon as you own real estate is the number of rewards will increase significantly. The reward increase rate is up to 50% when you have a piece of land in the Delta area.
  • Increase opening rate with player with higher Star: This is one of the huge benefits that real estate holders receive. With players with a high Star rate, you can raise the price of your entire team. Expensive players not only bring a great win rate, but also increase rewards and increase experience for the whole team.
  • Increase the success rate in training: A lot of training programs take place to upgrade players such as: Up Level, up Star, trade up, ... and if you own real estate, you will be increased success rates across all these programs. This is also a golden opportunity for players to own legendary players. The higher the value of the property, the greater the success rate.
Reach high rank on the coach rankings
In the world of FootBallMetaverse, you are the coach of the team you own. Real estate not only contributes to your chances of winning but also determines your coach level. The rarer real estate you own, the higher you rank on the leaderboards. Talented coaches will be honored in Game Events, given priority to participate in limited missions and receive special rewards.
Real estate also develops according to the route of a modern world, the lands will become more and more commercialized, crowded, and busier. Houses, football fields, sport stores, … will be built by players on the properties in our Metaverse version. The more real estates you own in a good area, the better business opportunities you have, getting more profit from transactions in this virtual world.
Real estate prices will also increase, giving you an attractive profit.
Get ready to step into the wonderful virtual reality world by owning the perfect real estate for you!
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