V. Matches - PvP
Number of players in a match: 5 Players
Time: 5 minutes
Amount of Tokens to receive when winning: The number of bonus Tokens is calculated for each player unit, depending on each Players’s Star and Level.
Win/Loss Ratio: The win/loss ratio is calculated on the value of your team compared to the competitor.
You need to come up with the most reasonable strategy to increase your winning rate. During the game, you do not have the right to change players on the field, so try to arrange the best formation right before the game starts.
During the match, the system will always update the indicators so that players can analyze for the next matches such as number of kick-offs, number of shoots, number of goals, ...
After each match, the players will drain their stamina and gain experience points back. These percentages will be calculated according to the player's contribution to the match.